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What Are the Conditions A Cleaning Company in Dubai Should Meet Before Hiring Them?

It is not always easy to choose a cleaning company in Dubai, who will stand out and offer you the housekeeping services you are entitled to. Offices can be a breeding ground for germs. In a company, cleaning offices and other premises is essential so that all the employees present there to feel good. Therefore, it may be interesting to call on a specialized company to clean your very small or medium-sized business. 

To help you, we have selected seven conditions that your supplier should meet before your choice stops on him. Here they are:

  • References

Ask any cleaning company to provide you with references that will guarantee the quality of its services.  

  • Insurance

Make sure that the housekeeping company you hire is fully insured to ensure your safety, as well as that of your company or establishment. 

  • Availability

Check the best cleaning company in Dubai and find out its policy if they cannot provide service on time. Moreover, a reliable company should have a proper procedure for their clients if they delay their services.

  •  Concern for the environment

If you prefer eco-friendly materials for your cleaning services, then it’s not just a trend. Moreover, your future service provider should employ green cleaning products, processes, and certifications. If necessary, ask them to help you achieve your green objectives through green certification. For this reason, I always prefer eco-friendly companies when looking for the best cleaning company in Dubai.

  •  Management of supplies and equipment

The cleaning company uses a wide variety of products and equipment. So, make sure are they environmentally friendly? Which products are bought locally? How do their equipment and products compare? Moreover, is he looking for ways to save money, and is he spending a lot on supplies?

  • Quality of services:

The health context in which we currently live requires us to ensure the cleanliness of our houses and our premises. In addition, this is to ensure that no virus disturbs the health of the occupants of your offices. So, with stress-free, the best cleaning company in Dubai, you can operate in a room of incomparable cleanliness. Indeed, they have all the skills and all the material necessary to clean down to the smallest detail and with expertise:

  • The floors of your place
  • The furniture of your working place
  • The sanitary facilities of your working room

Several Important points for a cleaning company in Dubai


  • Try to find a dedicated cleaning company in Dubai and a reliable partner that must know your needs and your sector of activity.


  • Don’t compromise on Loyal teams; loyal persons can handle everything and prefer ethics.
    97% permanent and a policy of valuing internal potential


  • Labeled products
    A method that streamlines the treatment of your waste


  • One point of contact for all your
    Maintenance and concierge services are included in all our offers. So, make sure your company should be well maintained.

STRESS-FREE: How Can It Will Be Your First Choice:

Stress-free has grown with cleaning maintenance and plays its role as a leading cleaning company in Dubai. So, you can hire it as your cleaning partner.

  • Best price
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Flexible deployment
  • Specialists in services of all industry
  • Result-oriented and optimal

 How STRESS-FREE is unique:

Stress Free Dubai is quite different and unique because of its essential qualities:

  • Quality guarantee
  • Professional cleaning company
  • 6% customer satisfaction
  • Sickness absence lower than 5%

How To Choose an Official Cleaning Company in Dubai?

To choose an official cleaning company, you have to rely on simple criteria:

Local Brand

In general, it is beneficial to hire a local cleaning company, whose central agency is near your business premises. This makes it possible to reduce the transport time of maintenance agents and, therefore, the price. However, in the case of a national company wishing to negotiate a cleaning estimate for several branches, contacting a national cleaning company allows the forecast to be lowered. It will still be a local agency responsible for cleaning the premises.

Means of the cleaning service provider:

It is essential to check that the cleaning company employs an adequate number of employees to guarantee maintenance services throughout the year, including the holiday period. Moreover, make sure that the cleaning company has the necessary equipment for the service. You can also find out about the type of cleaning products used.


The level of professionalism is a handy measure in determining the company’s credibility in providing quality cleaning services. Even if all the sites showcase the skills and know-how available to the company, its true professionalism can easily be determined through the equipment and material it has at its disposal to carry out its services. For example, in the case of window washing, it is essential to know whether the company has the necessary equipment to wash the most difficult to access windows, such as pods or poles.

Frequency of office cleaning:

Daily office cleaning

  1. Waste disposal
  2. Vacuuming of all types of places
  3. Washing of non -textile floors
Weekly office cleaning

  1. Exterior floors
  2. Chairs and armchairs
  3. Windows, glass doors, displays


Monthly office cleaning

  1. Light fixers
  2. Dedusting of air vents and heating

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