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Keep the Environment Clean During Corona Crisis with Professional Cleaning Service in Dubai

Everyone is in the grip of the coronavirus. We all try to limit the damage and thus the number of victims. In particular, we do this by keeping an appropriate distance from others, limiting social contact, and having good hygiene. Many people are bound to work from home due to the virus, but some agencies and companies remain open because they are essential. These organizations need to pay extra attention to hygiene and keep the working environment extremely clean with professional cleaning service Dubai. Who does this apply to, and how do you best approach this?

Which Institutions and Companies Will Remain Open During the Corona Crisis?

Several agencies and companies remain open because they provide for our necessities, and access to these companies and agencies is seen as essential to society. For example, where almost all regular offices close and employees start working from home, various shops remain open. You can think of drugstores, pharmacies, hairdressers, and supermarkets. Day nurseries also partly remain open; they offer care to children of parents with a vital profession.

 Hospitals will, of course, remain open, public transport will continue to drive, and some restaurants will stay available for takeaway or delivery. The construction sector, for example, continues to work, but with appropriate measures. So, to keep your place clean, you have to take the assistance of a professional cleaning service Dubai. Stress Free Dubai is a spot that can provide you with an upholstery cleaning service in Dubai and all kinds of other cleaning works that you want to get at affordable rates.

Hygiene In Workplace During the Corona Crisis

Following the measures is essential for the companies and organizations that remain open during the corona crisis. This includes keeping at least one and a half meters away from others, washing your hands as often as possible, using paper tissues, and sneezing and coughing in the elbow. But in addition to these measures, it is also essential that the working environment is kept clean. 

If you feel like taking a professional cleaning service Dubai, this means that your workplace needs to be cleaned more often than usual. Counters, ATMs, light switches, doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, taps, soap holders, sinks, and toilets must be cleaned more often. Of course, cleaning should be done with a disinfectant cleaning agent. Only in this way can we limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Hire A professional cleaning service Dubai

It is, of course, vital that you pay attention to hygiene in the workplace. Only when everyone pays attention and observes the measures will we get through this together. But we also understand that the focus cannot be on cleaning the working environment all the time. Whether you work in a hospital, a day-care canter, a hotel, a shop, public transport, the catering industry, or construction: you have plenty to worry about in these times. 

That’s why a professional cleaning service Dubai, Balance Cleaning would like to take some of the concerns about hygiene out of your hands with professional cleaning. You can contact us for cleaning offices, cleaning institutions in medical care, nurseries, catering, industrial sector, shops, hotels, or trains. Especially in this challenging time, our specialists are happy to help you! You can request a non-binding quote, and you will receive a quick response from us 24/7.

Stress-Free Dubai: the right choice in specialist cleaning

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Experienced and professional cleaning company in Dubai ensure safe and careful execution of work

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With expertise for every cleaning job, you are confident of professional and precise work

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We guarantee a clean delivery of your object every week and therefore offer the best quality and price in cleaning

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Stress-Free Dubai cleaning experts are active weekly in the cleaning of factory grounds, factory floor, machines, and equipment

The importance of cleaning in corona time

Enjoy a clean workplace every day

Ask ten people for their opinion on ‘clean,’ and you will get ten different ideas. One person thinks that what looks neat to the eye is clean, while another wants the guarantee that something is immaculate.

In recent years, we have become acquainted with the many types of cleaning in offices and what companies are willing to spend on cleaning. We always took that for granted. But what we have learned in corona time is that nothing is ‘just’ clean enough anymore. We need a professional cleaning service Dubai or any other area of the world to maintain our cleaning and sanitization requirements.

Cleaning flex spaces

Cleaning is essential now that corona is going around. Proper cleaning ensures less breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to grow on. Good cleaning, therefore, reduces the risk of contamination with the coronavirus. This is especially true for offices. 

Most people in the office don’t have a permanent place and sometimes work at different desks on the same day. That’s a risk. If the flex desk is to be manned by someone else halfway through the day, hygienic cleaning is necessary for the meantime. Moreover, Upholstery also requires cleaning, and stress free Dubai is the best Upholstery cleaning service in Dubai.

Extra cleaning in corona time

Hopefully, your employees will clean themselves more in the corona time. Nevertheless, it is not unwise to have your company cleaned extra by a business cleaning company. That is not rocket science, but it is extra work. It is beneficial to keep contact surfaces in your company clean. 

The fact is that the coronavirus can survive for a short time on these surfaces. Think, for example, of banisters, door handles, taps, telephones, et cetera. So don’t take any risks and have your company cleaned regularly, and therefore more often than average, by a business cleaning company. They understand good cleaning in corona time.

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