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Sterilization – Disinfection of viruses

At Stress Free Dubai, we provide professional sanitize and disinfection services across Dubai. We are your single destination for the prevention and control of diseases and infecti...

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Deep Cleaning Services


Do you feel something missing from your lifes...

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Sofa Cleaning Services

Do you feel a strange odor while sitting on your sofa or is it the sofa appearance that embarrasses you in front of the visitors? In both cases, you...

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you feel frustrated by using a dirty carpet and rug at your premises? This is the high time that you call a professional Read More

Contract Cleaning Services


Do you find service selection and price negotiation time-consuming and exhaust...

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Contract Helper

Stress Free Dubai has always strived to provide customized cleaning solutions that meet your variable day to day needs. We provide helpers to keep your routine tasks in an uninterr...

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Hi Rise Window Cleaning Services

These skyrocketing buildings pose a serious threat when it comes to window cleaning. Where your general cleaning tactics fail to reach the high-rise windows of the building, the ne...

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Post Construction Cleaning

Stress Free Dubai is not limited to certain sectors in providing smart cleaning service solutions and goes beyond to cover a wider range of clients. A premise needs thorough cleani...

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Event Cleaning Services

Stress Free Dubai has been instrumental in providing cleaning services to numerous clients within the UAE and aspires to add more and more cleaning solutions to its arsenal to comb...

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Steam Cleaning Services

Are you afraid of stubborn marks that are making your surfaces look old, rusty and shabby? Stress Free Dubai offers its steam cleaning services in Dubai that are designed to deal w...

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Commercial Cleaning

Are you dealing with serious cleaning challenges at your workplace? And this cleaning situation is threatening your clean reputation as the dirt and...

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Hotel Housekeeping Services

Your hotel’s cleanliness and organization are the first things that anyone would judge while reserving the room. So, it is of paramount importance that you maintain cleanliness, ...

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Move In And Move Out Cleaning Services

Stress Free Dubai specializes in different cleaning solutions and Move In And Move Out Cleaning Services is one of our popular services in the region. Our cleaning crew is expert i...

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Marble Polish And Treatment Services

In order to maintain your flawless image in other’s eyes, you must keep your marble floor clean. With limited time to clean and numerous responsibilities, you might not find enou...

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Kitchen Cleaning And Degreasing Services

Keeping your commercial kitchen neat and clean is one of the challenges that you have to deal with on a daily basis. When time becomes the biggest hurdle to keep up with your pledg...

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Shop Cleaning Services

A clean premise can impact positively on visitors and help you meet the monthly sales target of your small business. In today’s highly competitive era, everyone has adopted the c...

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Residential cleaning

Are you concerned about your apartment’s cleaning but find little to no time for cleaning the place properly? You’re not alone who wishes to live in a clean, organized, and com...

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

As a cleaning company, we know how important it is for you to keep the restaurant neat, clean and hygienic for the customer coming into the premise for a cup of tea or enjoying you...

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Upholstery Cleaning Service

Every item that is in our use demands proper care from time to time in order to maintain its newness. With the development of the cleaning industry, many companies have found a way...

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General Cleaning Services

Cleanliness and a hygienic environment are considered as essential metrics to conclude a perfect lifestyle. Due to limited time and numerous routine...

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Cleaning Services

Stress Free Dubai has been instrumental in providing smart cleaning solutions to a wide range of customers in Dubai. Our cleaning crew is well verse...

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