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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Services in Dubai By Stress Free Dubai

When you do not have the time to clean your home by yourself, you can get help from expert house cleaners. We offer trusted house cleaners in Dubai. Our team will take care of your house, and make it clean. The cleaners are friendly, provide a good cleaning, best communication skills, and are dedicated to performing their job. Look for the best cleaning company in Dubai.

We clean the house on different schedules, like daily, weekly, fortnight, and per month. We make sure that all parts of your home are clean and hygienic. You can also go for deep cleaning, and make your house clean. You can also do more deep cleaning than normal ones. We clean the house by dusting, sink cleaning, washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors, and cleaning the microwave, fridges, top of the kiln, and doorknobs. We also offer laundry, deep cleaning, cleaning, and ironing. We are one of the leaders in professional cleaning services in Dubai.

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

The houses in Dubai need daily cleaning due to the dusty weather. Due to dust accumulation, the houses get dirty in no time. So, the dirt cannot be removed easily. You can look for a good cleaning service in Dubai.

The question arises why we need deep cleaning instead of normal cleaning. The deep cleaning professionals have special machines for cleaning the floors and scrubbing. The cleaners will clean the home or office with access to areas that are difficult to reach.

 We need the following to clean your house in no time. We offer a living room deep cleaning to clean the tiles, floors, and windows. The professionals clean the rooms with padded furnishings, carpet cleaning, and floor mats for the removal of dust.

We also clean the ovens, cabinets, and cooking area and make them crystal clear. The house cleaners clean the fridge and oven., and use steam to remove grease and oil from kitchen cabinets.

We clean and disinfect the bathrooms. We clean the sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. The house cleaners clean the tiles and floor with brushes. We scrub the disk floor to perform mortar cleaning. We offer to dust off frames in the house. Our cleaners do the cleaning of the floor with brushes. We also vacuum the mattresses, arrange the beds, and change linens. Also, we do deep cleaning of the floor, windows, and balconies. We vacuum the chairs, carpets, and sofa to make them clean and remove the dust and impurities from them.

 So, take our professional cleaning services in Dubai, and change the look of your home. You need deep cleaning whenever you move to a new place. You need to do deep cleaning and sanitization. We use a water machine to clean the home and make it clean and healthy for you. You can hire our cleaning services in Dubai while moving out of the house and returning them home to its owner.

What are the benefits of deep cleaning?

A deep cleaning helps in improving the indoor quality of the home. It helps in lessening the allergens and eradicating the bacteria and viruses from home. It prolongs the life period of furniture and creates a pleasant environment at home.

Home Sanitization and Disinfection

We think that the cleaning of the floor with soap and water is not just enough. There is a need to sterilize and disinfect for killing the germs. Our professionals do complete sanitization and disinfection for killing the germs. Our company uses products approved by the Dubai municipality. We train our professionals regarding health, safety, and hygiene.

Another important thing to consider is the differences between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning helps in the removal of dust, dirt, and impurities by scrubbing. Disinfection helps in killing 100 percent of germs. These germs include viruses and bacteria.  You also need to disinfect areas that are in frequent contact like doorknobs, toilets, and switches.

How to perform Disinfection and Sanitization?

We perform disinfection and sanitization by using Huwa Sen 25, which is made from hydrogen peroxide. It is neutral, neutral, and translucent. Huwa Sen 25 is quite safe for kids and pets. We also spray the surfaces for better reach of the disinfectant. We employ the use of an electric ULV fogging machine and pump sprayer.

We perform professional cleaning services in Dubai by first coming to your home with personal protective equipment. We clean and wipe the surface to remove dirt. Next, we spray the sanitizer on the surface. We use a fogger machine to absorb the particles. We carefully touch the surfaces of common contact like counters, tables, knobs of the door, etc. Finally, we wipe the wet areas to remove all the chemicals. We also do a cleaning service in Dubai by a steaming process to sanitize without the use of chemicals.

We hope that you will hire our professional cleaning services in Dubai to remove the dust and impurities from your home. We strive to make your house clean and friendly in no time. The best cleaning company in Dubai is at your doorstep. So, push the button. Our professional services are available for you.

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